Thursday, October 22, 2015

Cyber Space and Identity Theft Protection Services

Recent advances in technology have made our lives a lot more convenient.  Does anyone remember writing out a paper check for multiple transactions during the course of an average day?  If you were going grocery shopping, needed to fill up at the gas station, and had to pay fees for some of your kids' sporting activities, it came to quite a few checks. Each one had to be carefully filled out by hand, recorded in a paper register and subtracted from your running balance.  How many of us sometime accrued overdraft fees because we were hurried and forgot to record a transaction or made a simple math error?  What a lot of frustration that was!

Technology has made it much easier for us to go about our daily activities using credit or debit cards that automatically total our purchases for us.  We pay once per month, possibly by using a paper check, or maybe you just bank online and transfer the money where it needs to go.  Very convenient and very few overdrafts and surcharges.

The down side to this increase in technology and convenience is that a lot of your sensitive financial information is online, and therefore subject to being hacked and stolen.  The average victim of such a theft spends 30 hours and $500 cleaning up the mess.  One instance of online identity theft and you have just spent the equivalent of several years worth of checkbook balancing and overdraft fees. This is the time to consider identity theft protection services.

What kind of identity theft protection service is right for keeping your online financial information safe?  Instead of spending a lot of time learning how to protect this information yourself, use a service that has expertise in this area.  Identity Guard® provides you with a suite of software tools for anti virus and anti malware protection, as well as key stroke encryption and a safe place to store all of your valuable passwords.  What's more, if you are a victim of this kind of theft, Identity Guard is still there for you.  Their knowledgeable professionals are just a toll free phone call away to help you decide on the best steps to minimize the damage from the theft.

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