Saturday, October 24, 2015

Credit Monitoring Services Help Protect your Financial Security

credit monitoring services
When you think about your financial security, the first thing that comes to mind might be your occupation and yearly salary.  Maybe you think about how much money you have in savings or investments.  While these things are certainly important, your credit history and credit scores are also extremely important.  Some people may be extremely successful financially, and able to make cash purchases for large items such as homes and vehicles. That is not the case for the average individual.

Most people use credit to purchase large, expensive items.  It is also extremely convenient to use credit on a daily basis to make smaller purchases like clothing, groceries and gas.  You have probably worked hard to build your good credit so that you can have the things you want and take advantage of the daily convenience afforded by using your credit.  Credit monitoring services are designed to help you protect the good credit for which you have worked so hard.

One of the best services monitoring credit is Identity Guard®.  Identity Guard will provide your credit scores based on the data from all three major credit bureaus.  Other services may look at only one score, which is not a comprehensive way to track possible credit issues and detect fraud.  If changes or certain activity are detected in your credit file, Identity Guard will send you a prompt notification.  You can choose to be notified by text message or email.  There is also a convenient mobile application that you can choose to download to your personal device.

Using Identity Guard to monitor your credit reports will save you a lot of time right from the beginning.  Over time, you may save many hours and hundreds of dollars that would be needed to correct inaccuracies in your credit history.  Use Identity Guard to reduce the chances that the good credit for which you have worked long and hard will be damaged by credit bureau mistakes or identity theft.

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