Saturday, November 28, 2015

What Can I Do To Protect My Identity?

Whether you have come across stories of fraud and theft in the media, on your favorite television program, or through an interaction with a friend, chances are that you already know the risks that identity theft imposes on today's society. A single search online is enough to present you with numerous tales and articles written by people who have suffered with the impact that identity fraud has had on their lives. If you search on how to protect my identity, you'll likely be presented with a number of services and solutions, from credit monitoring companies, to individuals offering personal advice about how to keep your information safe.

Identity theft is more than just a temporary problem that some people deal with in relation to their finances. In fact, it can cause serious damage to your credit rating - a number that decides whether you'll be able to take out a mortgage, access a loan, or even apply for certain jobs.

How to Protect Your Identity

Because methods for illegally obtaining personal data are constantly evolving, it is actually impossible to completely prevent identity theft from happening. However, that doesn't mean that you can't take effective steps in protecting yourself. There are numerous protect identity services available that use identity and credit monitoring to help mitigate risks and reduce the damage that this type of fraud can cause.

Through identity monitoring, you can keep a closer eye on how your identity is being used, both online and offline. And with credit monitoring, you are regularly updated with regards to your credit data that the service provider obtains from the credit bureaus. And usually, with the help of the service company, you are warned early on if certain changes have occurred that could be indicative of credit card fraud, for instance.

Be Careful

But remember that although the above monitoring services are important, they don't mean you can neglect being cautious in your day to day activities. You will still need to be careful about who you give your information to, and where you enter personal data online. What's more, you should always be cautious to cover your PIN when using an ATM in public, or making a purchase.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Why Using Identity Theft Protection Is A Must

As a society, it seems as though we don't always pay as much attention to identity theft as we once did - as we're frequently distracted by the latest news scandal. However, just because you may not hear about it as frequently as you once did, doesn't mean that this kind of fraud is any less of a significant problem in the world today. Indeed, credit fraud resulting from the illegal use of identity is an issue that continuously causes significant turmoil for people around the world.

Many people tend to ignore the need to protect from identity theft, because they simply think of the issue as something that will never happen to them. However, it's important to know that no matter how cautious you are, or how much time you put into looking after your money - anyone can become a victim.

Exercising Caution

First and foremost, when looking for ways to protect your identity from criminals, a good place to start is to assess your current behavior. For example, if you don't already shred your documents before placing them in the trash, now could be a good time to start - as many criminals still search through dumpsters to obtain the information that they need. On the other hand, when you're out shopping, if you feel uncomfortable covering your PIN around other people, remember that you're not being rude, you're simply taking steps to protect your identity. Looking after your financial future starts with finding new ways to be cautious - whether that means updating your online passwords, or buying a new shredder.

Monitoring Your Credit

Remember, even if you take all of the necessary steps for better security, you may still have a need for identity theft protection thru Identity Guard®, for instance. This service provider gets your information from the credit bureaus and monitors it daily, notifying you when certain changes are detected. You receive a prompt alert, giving you the opportunity to confirm the activity as your own - like changing your address or applying for new credit - or take precautions if you think someone is trying to commit fraud.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Using Identity Monitor Services To Protect Your Future

Today, it seems as though we rely upon at least some form of technology in just about everything that we do. When we're engaging in recreational activities, we're doing so with our smartphones, laptops, and gaming systems, rather than relying on the world around us to offer entertainment. When we're moving forward in the world of business, we install the latest and greatest in productivity software to help propel us towards success. Unfortunately, although the technological age comes with many different benefits, from impressive wearable technology, to new discoveries in healthcare, it's important to remember that such technology also opens us up to new risks and threats, particularly in the form of identity theft.

One of the best ways to detect identity fraud as early as possible is to use identity monitor services, which are specifically designed to help you keep a closer eye on what's going on in your credit accounts and your personally identifiable information.

Protecting Your Identity

Although identity monitoring services offer what is perhaps the most comprehensive way to keep yourself safe and secure when it comes to such fraudulent criminals, it's also worth noting that there are numerous steps that you can still take to defend yourself. For instance, you should ensure that you never reveal any sensitive information either through email correspondence or over the phone. What's more, it can still be helpful to commit to shredding any documents that contain your personal information before you dispose of them in the garbage.

Identity protection is part identity monitoring and part common sense, so make sure that you're taking all of the necessary steps in defending yourself wherever possible. Meanwhile, monitoring services for identity take a look at how your identity is being used so that can get an early warning if there is the possibility of fraud.

Credit Monitoring Solutions

Credit monitoring solutions, such as those that are available at allow you to watch your credit accounts and reports more carefully on a regular basis. Instead of checking your credit info once a year, this service will monitor your credit for certain activity every day. When certain activities are detected, you receive an alert so you can review the information and take steps if you think it is potentially fraudulent. You also receive regularly updated reports and in an easy to understand format that you can view whenever you like.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Identity Theft Protector Helps Keep You Safe

Identity theft shield
When it comes to keeping your identity safe, there is more to worry about than you may realize.  So much information is stored electronically and we are all so connected, that your information is always at risk, no matter how careful you are.  An identity theft protector can help.

One of the most important steps in protecting yourself is to monitor your credit report with a service such as an enhanced identity theft protector.  Your credit report is so important because it is supposed to serve as a guide to help companies determine if they want to do business with you.  It is not only important when you are applying for financing, but also when you apply for a job, an apartment, insurance, or many other things.  Fraudulent accounts on your credit report can be devastating.  An enhanced identity theft shield helps by alerting you to new accounts and other certain activity, like inquires or changes to your basic information.  Your credit reports can be different from each of the three credit bureaus, so your enhanced identity theft shield should monitor them year-round from all three credit bureaus.

You probably know that you can get a free credit report every year form each of the three credit bureaus, but this is not enough to keep you safe.  The longer identity theft goes on, the worse the damage gets, so you would be left vulnerable between your free credit reports.

Enhanced identity theft protection offers other things too, such as password managers.  A password manager stores your passwords for you and enters them automatically after you enter a master password.  Because you don’t have remember all of your passwords, they can be much more complex and secure than without a password manager.  You will no longer have to resort to unsafe methods such as using the same password for many different sites.

Another advantage to using enhanced identity theft protection is recovery assistance if your identity is compromised.  Once you are alerted to a fraudulent account, having it removed from your credit report is a complicated process and your enhanced identity theft protection can help guide you on what to do.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Can I Trust Identity Theft Reviews?

identity theft reviews
If you’ve already decided that you need to implement some form of identity theft protection for yourself, the difficulty may come in choosing the one that will work the best. Though there are programs and services that do different things, whether or not one will work for you all depends on your individual situation. When you’re looking to select one and begin using it, you should most definitely pay attention to the identity theft reviews customers have left on individual company websites, as they can be quite helpful.

When people use and like products, they tend to want to share their experiences with others. This is also true for the people that have negative experiences, but those reviews identity theft related are usually more about the personal experience rather than the product itself. These posted reviews can be used to help people determine whether or not a product is easy to use, effective, long lasting and up to date. They can help to show off features and improvements made by updates and newer versions, and they can also highlight weaknesses or quirks. Not everything works the same, and it’s important for many people to know how their services work ahead of time.

When people leave comments on a site where customers review identity theft services, they often include information about themselves, which is helpful. This can let you know whether or not something worked for someone in a similar situation to your own, how long it took to work, and how easy it was to use the provided information. Many of the individual websites will focus on the positive reviews for their own products, but if you’re truly looking for impartial identity theft product reviews, then you should look at sites like blogs, review websites, and lifestyle sites - the people that review the products or post the reviews that they have found are simply looking to educate other consumers, not promote specific products or ideas. For most people, the beginning stages of selecting identity theft protection will be the first time that they are presented with these things - so they will need all of the direction that they can get in order to make the best possible choices.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

What are Identity Theft Protection Companies?

Identity Theft Companies

As identity theft becomes more common place, it makes sense that there are now many identity theft protection companies offering consumers protection.  Many people may be signing up for these services for the first time, so they are likely to have questions about what they do and what to look for in fraud protection companies.

Fraud protection companies work by monitoring your credit report for certain activity. When these changes are detected, they will alert you with a phone call, email, or text, including changes such as new accounts, new inquiries, or changes to your basic information, such as name and address.  When you receive the alert, you can decide if the change is legitimate or suspicious.  If you did not make the change yourself, then you can contact your fraud protection companies and they will help you to sort out what has happened and what your next steps should be.

Fraud protection companies usually charge a monthly fee, and you may be wondering why you would pay if you have heard that you can get free copies of your credit report.  While it is true that you can get a free copy of your credit report once per year from each of the three credit bureaus, this alone does not provide complete protection.  It leaves you vulnerable between free reports, and credit reports can be difficult to decipher.  Even if you stagger your free credit reports so you get them every few months, this is still risky because the reports can be different from each credit bureau, so a fraudulent account may show up on one report and not the others.  Fraud protection companies will monitor your credit report from all three credit bureaus year-round.

If you do choose to access your free credit report, only do so on the official government-mandated annual free credit report site.  Be wary of other sites offering “free” credit reports.  Remember that to obtain a credit report, you will always be asked for your social security number and you should be very careful who you give it to.  Often, these sites are just trying to stealthily sell you something, or steal your personal information.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Identity Theft Protection Reviews: Why Buy ID Protection?

identity theft protection reviews
Identity theft is a real threat that can negatively affect your credit score.

Attackers can use your personal information for fraudulent purposes such as making large purchases or securing credit in your name. Both can easily go undetected especially if you rarely check your credit report. Taking steps to protect your identity is incredibly important.

There are services available that offer credit monitoring as well as recovery assistance to help you protect against identity theft. The general consensus of customer  identity theft protection reviews is that they can be extremely effective. Here we look at why you should consider buying ID protection for yourself.

Prompt AlertsMost consumers are often unaware that their identity has been used. Identity theft protection services help to combat this as they provide credit monitoring. But one of the best benefits is being able to receive alerts for certain types of activities such as credit inquiries or newly opened accounts.

This is beneficial as it means you get prompt alerts if these, or other certain activity is detected. If someone is using your information to open accounts in your name, you can contact the credit issuer to file a report. You can even take more drastic measures such as placing a security freeze on your credit report. Doing so could cost a small fee but prevents anyone from accessing your credit reports.

Personal AssistanceDo you know what steps to take if your identity is compromised?

No matter how many precautions you take, your identity is still vulnerable. Identity thieves use a number of methods to gain access to personal information from data breaches to phishing scams. The advantage of ID protection services is that most offer personal assistance on appropriate steps to recover your identity.

Be sure to read through customer reviews of identity theft protection services to help you choose the right one. Most offer free or low cost introductory trials that you can try to decide whether you want to continue or not. In addition to credit monitoring and personal assistance, many also have additional features such as security software to help keep your computer safe.

If you are serious about protecting your identity, these services are well worth the cost.