Friday, November 20, 2015

Identity Theft Protector Helps Keep You Safe

Identity theft shield
When it comes to keeping your identity safe, there is more to worry about than you may realize.  So much information is stored electronically and we are all so connected, that your information is always at risk, no matter how careful you are.  An identity theft protector can help.

One of the most important steps in protecting yourself is to monitor your credit report with a service such as an enhanced identity theft protector.  Your credit report is so important because it is supposed to serve as a guide to help companies determine if they want to do business with you.  It is not only important when you are applying for financing, but also when you apply for a job, an apartment, insurance, or many other things.  Fraudulent accounts on your credit report can be devastating.  An enhanced identity theft shield helps by alerting you to new accounts and other certain activity, like inquires or changes to your basic information.  Your credit reports can be different from each of the three credit bureaus, so your enhanced identity theft shield should monitor them year-round from all three credit bureaus.

You probably know that you can get a free credit report every year form each of the three credit bureaus, but this is not enough to keep you safe.  The longer identity theft goes on, the worse the damage gets, so you would be left vulnerable between your free credit reports.

Enhanced identity theft protection offers other things too, such as password managers.  A password manager stores your passwords for you and enters them automatically after you enter a master password.  Because you don’t have remember all of your passwords, they can be much more complex and secure than without a password manager.  You will no longer have to resort to unsafe methods such as using the same password for many different sites.

Another advantage to using enhanced identity theft protection is recovery assistance if your identity is compromised.  Once you are alerted to a fraudulent account, having it removed from your credit report is a complicated process and your enhanced identity theft protection can help guide you on what to do.

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