Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Identity Monitor vs. Credit Monitor

Having options is one of the greatest things in a person's life, especially when the options pertain to important things like employment, living situations and protecting yourself from theft and bodily harm. While many people think of crimes as physical and face to face interactions, there are plenty of types of crimes that are not only devastating, but done entirely without contact between the thief and their victims. One of the most prominent of these types of crimes is identity theft, which can happen in very different ways. Luckily for consumers, there are methods available to help them keep their information as safe as is possible - no matter which type of theft they are most concerned about.

Credit Monitoring Services
This type of protection services focuses on the financial side of a person's life. The services that help to keep people safe when it comes to this are meant to monitor credit file data and alert you to certain activity that could indicate identity theft. While this type of service can't actually stop the activities of the thieves, it will alert you that something needs to be looked at more carefully, and potentially discussed with the institution in question. Credit monitors also cannot refund money or make account changes, but they can give you the opportunity to do so.

Services Monitoring Identity
Much like a credit monitor, an identity monitor takes a careful look at your most private details - but this service has nothing to do with money. Instead, this type of monitor looks for uses of personal details like names, addresses, civil and criminal history records and Social Security numbers in a variety of places - the internet, public records and thousands of databases. Using this service type is common for people that fear the compromise of their actual identity, which can in many cases be much more valuable than money or credit. These services also require users to enter in basic and pertinent information as they begin use, keep it updated as time goes by, and take note of the information that is presented to them, even though it may not show any presence of theft.

Making the decision to protect yourself by using either of these two methods is a step in the right direction when it comes to taking care of your life and your obligations. While these types of services are conveniently available to those that seek them, choosing to start using one or more of them should not be a split second decision - but rather one that should be made after careful research and contemplation.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Identity Fraud Protection

Do you know that sinking feeling when you reach into your pocket or purse and – oh no – your wallet is not there?  Thankfully, it is usually resolved by checking another pocket or remembering that you left it at home; but those moments when you just aren’t sure can be excruciating.
As if the prospect of losing your cards isn’t scary enough, consider that even while you hold your card in your hand, there could be someone out there making charges on a card with identical numbers.  This kind of credit card fraud is becoming more common.  A criminal can obtain your numbers from a data breach or an internet connection that is not secure.  They can also use devices called skimmers.  These can be hand held or attach to machines like ATMs and gas pumps, and are used to read and store your credit card information.  When you hand your card off to a waiter in a restaurant, there is even the possibility that they take photos of it with their phone.  Once they have your information, they can use it to make a fake card.  Getting the fraudulent charges off of your account can be an inconvenience, so you should check your accounts on a regular basis so you can hopefully catch it before they spend too much of your money.Credit card fraud becomes even more of an ordeal if you are a victim of identity theft.  If someone has your social security number, they can apply for a whole new card in your name.  Monitoring your accounts won’t help you identify credit fraud in this case, because you won’t know that the account exists.  The damage can go even deeper than maxing your cards or draining your bank account, the damage done to your credit score can be devastating.   An identity fraud protection service can help keep this from happening by notifying you when someone tries to open a new account in your name.

So hold tight to the cards in your wallet, but keep checking your accounts and consider a fraud monitoring service to help keep you safe.

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Monday, June 22, 2015

What Can an Identity Monitor Do For You?

Every person born has a unique set of characteristics that set them apart from others; even identical twins are not exempt from this rule. One of the most difficult parts of growing up is establishing a life for yourself, because this includes a multitude of different things that must be done in order for this to be successful. As you grow, you become aware of and in charge of many different things, including keeping your identity's many facets as safe and secure as possible. In an attempt to do just this, several companies have created online identity monitor services, meant to keep your personal information out of the "wrong" hands.

What is this type of monitor?
Some services monitor finances, others keep track of passwords and program access... an identity monitoring service looks out for personal information like Social Security number, name, address, birthday and even your past criminal record (or lack thereof). By entering in all of the pertinent information as you begin to use this type of service, you can ensure that it will go through all of it in a timely and consistent manner, looking out for certain instances where it is used; you'll have the results and information that you need in order to take the necessary next steps to stop thieves.

So it just looks through information?
Yes, it looks through all of the information that you give it access to, but while looking through it, it searches for evidence of certain types of activity and sends you prompt alerts when detected. While many of these changes are completely valid and the result of your actions, they may not be and bear investigating if you don't recognize them. 

The companies that create services like this make an attempt to understand the needs of their clients by creating programs that will help many people for many years to come. Though they are simplified in the manner that they use to work, there are options so you can choose the level of service that's right for you. 

Friday, June 19, 2015

Discovering The Best Identity Protection Options

Most people are aware of just how important it is to ensure that they and their family are kept safe and protected from identity theft. Not only is identity protection an effective way to ensure that you reduce your chances of having to deal with substantial damages as a result of identity fraud, it also helps you to watch your credit more closely. One of the biggest problems that people learn about today, when searching for information on how to protect from identity theft, is that months could potentially pass before they even notice that their information has been compromised, leaving plenty of time for serious damage to be done.

How to Protect My Identity

When you're trying to figure out how to protect your identity as effectively as possible, one of the first steps will be educating yourself as to the different ways that criminals may be able to get hold of your personal and private information. For example, some criminals manage to get hold of the details that they need simply by phoning a potential victim and posing as a legitimate company, or sending emails that convince people to hand over seemingly innocent information. In other circumstances, criminals have been known to use more complex scams, such as the use of phishing techniques, where the movements of a person on a website are logged, as well as any information they type into text fields.

Credit Monitoring

Beyond simply being aware of fraudulent activity, and ensuring that you are cautious about how private you keep your information, one of the most effective identity protection methods around comes in the form of credit monitoring. Type "service to help protect my identity" into your chosen search engine, and you'll be gifted with a wide range of different options, as well as articles informing you of just how useful credit monitoring can be. In simple terms, these services allow you to watch your credit information closely, and notify you of certain changes that are made to your information so that you can decide whether they are suspicious or otherwise.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

How To Get Extensive Identity Protection Services

It's fair to say that identity theft has established itself as one of the most prevalent and fast-growing crimes throughout the world over the last decade or so. No matter where you live, who you are, or what you do, you are just as likely as the next person to fall victim to the pain and suffering that identity thieves cause. Often, this kind of theft happens when criminals get hold of someone else's information through some form of crime or sneaky activity. Criminals today can get the data that they need by simply luring victims into phishing scams on the internet, sending fake emails, or even digging through trash to obtain the documents that they need. With the right information, a thief can run rampant throughout your credit, taking new loans out in your name, making purchases that you have to pay for, and even directing the police to your door when criminal activities are found out. This is why identity protection is so important.

How to Protect Your Identity

With identity theft establishing itself as such a significant threat throughout the world today, chances are that the first thing you're going to ask yourself is "how do I protect my identity?" Although preventing this crime from taking place is something that neither you, nor any service - regardless of what they might claim - can do, there are methods that you can use to help protect yourself.

Perhaps the most important thing you can do to erect some kind of barrier between yourself and these criminals, is learn as much as you can about identity protection, and the threat of identity theft. The more you know about how to look after your personal details and keep your information safe, the more likely you are to be able to avoid scams when they present themselves. However, sometimes, knowledge alone isn't enough, and that's why you should know how to protect from identity theft with Identity Guard®, for instance. Services, such as these, allow you to closely monitor your credit reports information, receiving notifications when certain activities are detected. From there, you can contact the appropriate authorities and defend yourself by closing accounts, and more.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Looking At The Benefits Of Credit Monitoring Services

Although most people have heard of identity theft and credit fraud at some point during their lives, not many people truly understand the risks that they are being exposed to. Often, when we hear about someone else falling victim to a terrible scam or fraudster, we feel sorry for those involved, but we don't concern ourselves with thinking about how the very same thing could just as easily happen to us. Unfortunately, identity theft and other forms of fraud can happen to anyone, at any time, and the only way to ensure that you have some form of protection is to make sure that you are being proactive in looking after your information, your identity, and your financial accounts with credit monitoring services.

Protecting Your Identity

The process of defending your identity from criminals doesn't have to be incredibly complex, but it does have to be something that you commit yourself to on a constant basis. For example, you can't simply glance at your credit report once a year and then be surprised if activity happens within your report that you weren't immediately aware of. Credit monitoring services give consumers a constant window into their credit report information, and monitor your information for certain changes. What's more, the services monitoring credit, such as the one featured at, can make the process of looking after your identity easier by sending you alerts when particular updates and changes are made in your accounts.

The Impact of Identity Theft

It's important to remember that not only does identity theft have the capacity to destroy your standard of living as you know it, by maxing out your lines of credit and leaving you with debt that you have no chance of paying off. It also damages your future, by making it incredibly difficult for you to acquire the loans, finances and assistance that you may need to progress with your life. In order to move forward anywhere today, you need to have a good credit score, and this type of crime can rob you of that.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

How To Stop Identity Theft From Affecting You Substantially

The internet is a technological advancement that plays a huge part in just about every avenue of our lives. Today, we use the online world to help us discover more information on the things that we're passionate about, as well as assist us in doing our work, making purchases and checking our credit. However, the one negative aspect of the internet is that it hasn't taken a long time for fraudulent criminals to discover new ways of using it to commit identity theft. Identity thieves seem to be consistently honing the methods that they use to snatch up important and personal information from unknowing and innocent internet users. There are countless ways that thieves can utilize the information that maybe stored in your computer, including your name, passwords and credit card numbers.

The Impact of Theft Of Identity

Once criminals have gotten their hands on your personal details, they can use that information to conduct various types of identity theft which can leave your life in ruins. Your financial stability could be substantially damaged, and your bank or credit accounts could be emptied, leaving you paying back debts that you can't afford to have.

With so much at stake, you may find yourself wondering if it is possible to prevent this kind of crime from occurring. Unfortunately, the answer to this question isn't as positive as you might hope. Although we would all like to prevent identity theft from happening, like any crime, it is something that can occur to anyone at any time. But that doesn't mean that consumers cannot access different forms of protection to help keep themselves alert so that they can act as early as possible to counteract such activities.

Protection Services

Accessing credit protection or monitoring services, such the ones available at, allow consumers to carefully keep track of the information that is stored within their credit history. This means that if any strange or unusual behavior begins to show up within your report, you can investigate the issue further and decide whether or not you should contact the appropriate authorities. Many of these services will send out alerts when certain activities take place in your name.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Making Yourself a Less Likely Target for Identity Thieves

The scariest part of identity theft is that thieves don't discriminate - you may become a victim at any time or place, no matter who or where you are. Despite their sophisticated methods of obtaining access to the information of others, it is possible to make yourself and your accounts less likely targets by simply changing a few things - and adopting new practices. While each of the following suggestions may seem like common sense and like they cannot possibly do much good, the truth is the exact opposite - it's quite simple to make your information more secure and less likely to be compromised by even the most deceptive and clever thieves.

- Keep passwords complicated and rotating. These types of changes may seem like they will be difficult to keep track of, but at the same time, they can mean the difference between thieves having unfiltered access to your most personal and secret information. By changing the passwords often, you'll ensure that even if a thief does manage to get in, they'll be kicked out as soon as things change, ensuring that they cannot do any further damage. There are even identity theft monitoring services like password keepers that allow users to enter in all of the important information, updating it as necessary so that even with changing passwords, there is less of a chance that things will be forgotten.

- Don't give information out to people that shouldn't have it - or don't need it. This restriction includes both family and friends, because even the most trustworthy individuals can be forgetful. All it takes is for one account to stay logged in on a shared device for thieves to find their way in. The safest way to ensure that your information stays private is to keep the number of people that can access it to a minimum - especially when dealing with bank accounts and finances. Although identity details are useful to thieves, most of them are simply after money.

- Only use trusted websites and answer questions for trusted sources. Ensuring that you're using a secure website while shopping or paying bills will keep your information safer - including your address and phone number. This also holds true for phone calls or emails asking for money, details or personal information. If you're the recipient of a phone call or email that asks for a Social Security number, credit card information, password or even  proof of identity, be wary about answering any of these questions right off the bat. Contact the business or company that the call or email is from and ask if they are truly asking for the information - if you're the one making the contact, you can verify that you're speaking to or communicating with a legitimate source before providing any personal information.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Guidelines To Choosing The Best Credit Monitoring Service

Choosing the best credit monitoring service is just as complex as choosing the best option offered by any company or brand. Making the decision to monitor your credit report information marks the start of a very wise and cautious move on your behalf as this will help in protecting you against identity theft. However, once you have made that choice, you will then need to determine which one, out of all the different companies, is the best credit report monitoring option.

Consider the Features

As standard, a good credit monitoring service should be able to give you reliable and consistent access to your credit reports and credit history, whenever you decide that you want to update your current knowledge. Perhaps the best thing about credit monitoring services is that they give you the opportunity to watch your accounts more closely than you normally would. A lot of people only bother to look at their report on a monthly, quarterly or even yearly basis, which gives thieves and malicious individuals plenty of time to wreak havoc on your financial standing, without you even being aware of it. The best credit score monitoring service should make it simple and efficient to check up on the changes and activities within your account, so that you're never left in the dark.

Find Out Whether You Will Receive Alerts

If you choose to obtain credit monitoring services via Identity Guard®, for example, you may find that you can gain access to credit alerts on your accounts. The benefit of this is that you will be given instant alerts, through text, email or phone, that let you know when certain alterations or changes have been made in your name. This can be particularly useful when it comes to fighting back against identity theft and credit fraud, as you can check the information as quickly as possible and inform all of the relevant authorities. After all, the quicker that you notice that there has been a problem with your credit report, the quicker you will hopefully be able to rectify it. If a criminal is involved, then you're also making sure he or she has less time to do damage to your financial future and credit standing.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

How Are You Managing Your Identity Theft Protection Plan?

Ensuring that you have some kind of defense with the right identity theft protection services is becoming an increasingly crucial precaution. This form of theft is growing increasingly rampant throughout the world, with unscrupulous thieves finding new ways to take advantage of unsuspecting victims. It happens when someone takes over your identity and uses it for their own gain. Generally, by taking parts of your personal information, a criminal may empty out your credit accounts, set up loans in your name, or spend money that you have in your accounts.

Finding Protection Against Identity Theft

It's important to note that identity theft can happen to someone in a variety of different ways. Although it is an issue that is becoming more prevalent online, identity theft is not something that only happens to people using the internet to conduct financial transactions. Often, people don't think twice about the fact that their credit card bill hasn't come through the door for a month, but there is a chance that it could mean that you have been targeted by a criminal.

Although there is nothing that can totally prevent fraud from happening today, there are services designed to protect from identity theft. Sometimes, looking after your identity is as simple as making sure that you are cautious with your personal information. For example, be sure that you shred any sensitive documents or statements, and be vigilant about who you choose to give information to, either in person, via the phone or over email.

Credit Monitoring

Another effective form of identity theft protection comes by way of credit monitoring services. Using such a service allows you to carefully watch certain activity that is taking place in your credit history and accounts. This means that you should be more likely to recognize when strange behavior starts to show up on your reports that has nothing to do with you. What's more, these monitoring services will also alert you through mobile or email notification when certain actions begin to emerge within your credit report information, thereby giving you the opportunity that you need to stop a potential criminal in their tracks.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Steps to Take After Finding Signs of Possible Identity Theft

Finding out that you may be the victim of identity theft can be a seriously distressing period of time. The waiting, worrying and trying to fix things is especially concerning, but as long as you keep a level head and don't delay trying to begin fixing things, the situation can be assessed and rectified in a relatively simple - and straightforward manner. Listed below are some of the best steps to take after finding out that there's potentially been theft, whether you were tipped off by a report from an identity monitoring service or simply from checking your own account or receiving a suspicious email or piece of mail in person.

1. Take action immediately. Any delay can increase the time that thieves have to freely move through and use your information, making it imperative to act as soon as you feel or see that there is something wrong. The sooner you begin working through the theft, the sooner things will go back to normal.

2. Carefully look through your information. If a service has sent an email with specific points of concern, begin with those. Log in, check the status of your accounts, and make a personal note of anything that seems out of the ordinary to you. After you've done this, move on to other accounts, especially ones that are associated with these bank accounts or credit cards. 

3. Don't be afraid to take charge and contact necessary parties. This means banks, credit card companies, stores, even home and apartment complexes or public institutions - don't be afraid to get in touch with them as soon as you feel that there is a need. Even if this type of  contact turns out to be unnecessary, it's better to be safe than sorry, and it will be a simple matter of a second phone call, visit or email to let them know that it was a false concern, that things are in fact ok.

4. Make necessary changes. If there is an actual case of identity theft, the recovery process will take some time. The best thing that you can do while waiting for things to return to normal is to let the thieves know that you're aware of what's going on - and put an end to their access. Closing accounts, changing passwords, cancelling orders - all of these will impede the actions of the thieves, letting them know that their reign of terror within your accounts has come to an end. Although you may not get everything back all at once, you can effectively stop further problems from arising via the same thief and account access. 

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Understanding The Threat Of Credit Card Theft

Theft is an inconvenience that nobody wants to have to deal with. Unfortunately, we live in a world that is rife with criminals, constantly finding new and more efficient ways of stealing our money, our assets and even our identities. Credit card theft is one of those worrying problems around today, as when someone gets his hands on your credit card, he can start damaging your credit, or even taking over your identity in an effort to commit fraudulent acts.

You may believe that the theft of credit card or identity fraud are things that will never happen to you, but the unfortunate truth is that the statistics are rising.

Identity Theft Credit Card Problems

We all take steps to protect ourselves from unpredictable issues. For example, you pay for health insurance to make sure that you're covered in the instance that you fall sick or suffer from an injury. Chances are that you also have insurance for your home and car too. There are few things that you can do to ensure that you're protected in the case of credit card theft.

Unfortunately, there is not way to make sure that identity theft will never happen to you, your loved ones, or the people you know. But that doesn't mean that you should ignore the issue. The last thing you want to be worrying about is typing "what to do after credit card theft" into Google, after you have already become a victim.

Protect Yourself

Instead of reacting to the issue after something bad has already happened, try to take steps to protect yourself ahead of time. For example, use credit monitoring services to keep a closer eye on the behavior within your account, and sign up to credit alerts so that you can receive emails or text messages when certain activities begin showing up in your rating or score.

At the same time, make sure that you always keep your PIN private under any circumstances. Never give your personal information out to individuals through email or over the phone, and always check to ensure that the companies you're dealing with are legitimate.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Deciding Who To Trust With Identity Theft Protection

By now, identity theft protection services have been on the market for around a decade. During that time, a number of aggressive marketing campaigns, combined with an all-around desire to seek out advice about fraud and crime, have raised awareness about the prevalence of this type of crime around the world. One important thing to note is that this form of theft can happen in a number of different ways, including credit card and credit fraud. Fortunately, fraud protection services have emerged as a way of helping consumers to monitor and defend their personal records. However, how do you decide which service is right for you?

Be Realistic

The first thing to keep in mind when you're looking for services that protect from identity theft is that you should be able to trust the company you choose. With that in mind, the brand or organization should have plenty of information about itself, either accessible around the internet, or within the confines of its own website.

Secondly, it's important that you are cautious of any website that claims the company can prevent fraud from happening altogether. The truth is that although monitoring your credit reports on a regular basis can help reduce your chances of suffering serious damage from identity theft, there are no services out there that can actually prevent this from occurring.

Know What to Expect

Aside from coming to terms with some advice on how to choose an identity theft protection service, it's worth making sure that you know what this actually means. Protection and credit alert services don't put an invisible guard around your credit at all times to ensure it can never be touched by anyone but yourself. Instead, these services offer you the opportunity to examine your credit rating and score as frequently as you like. By regularly monitoring the changes and adaptations that are made within your credit rating and reports, you are more likely to notice when something strange happens. What's more, many of these services will also provide alerts that inform you immediately when certain activities begin to arise within your accounts.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Are Credit Monitoring Services Really Worth It?

Credit monitor businesses can be useful to consumers for a number of important reasons. Designed specifically to help you check your credit on a regular basis so that you can notice as soon possible when something strange happens in your history, credit report monitoring has become an important form of protection against identity fraud. There are currently three credit bureaus where individuals can monitor their credit, but it is important to note that you will only be protected completely if you monitor all three. Some businesses may only give your information to a single bureau, and the three bureaus do not share information with each other.

How a Credit Monitoring Service Works

When you're searching for a credit monitoring service that works for you, perhaps the most important thing that you can do is ensure that you understand what these companies actually do. These services assist in minimizing the risk of substantial damage resulting from identity theft by keeping you aware of when strange activities happen within your accounts.

Today, criminals are incredibly persistent when it comes to stealing the information that they need to do serious damage to your financial future. People are constantly falling victim to identity theft scams without even realizing that they have been targeted.

How Monitoring Your Credit Helps

Monitoring your credit on a frequent basis may not seem important if you have never been a victim of credit fraud or identity theft, but it's actually an important form of defense against such a crime. Though it is impossible for any company or service to offer you a method of completely stopping criminals from stealing your personal information and committing identity theft, there are options available that can help to protect you. Using services like Identity Guard® credit check monitoring can be your first line of defense against criminals.

Not only does this service ensure that you can check on the activity within your account whenever you feel concerned, it also provides you with instant alerts when certain activities, changes and amendments are made in your name. The faster that you find out something has gone wrong, the more likely it is that you will be able to minimize the damage done to your credit, and financial future.