Thursday, September 3, 2015

Using A Password Vault To Secure Your Online Presence

Passwords and usernames make up a common and exhaustive part of our modern-day lives. We use passwords to log onto our computers at work, to access our emails, and even to check out our favorite websites. Unfortunately, the more passwords we're forced to remember, the more likely we are to become lazy in terms of security and imagination. Indeed, a lot of people will choose to use the same password for a number of different resources. This is something that may seem convenient, but is actually dangerous.

Think about it this way, if a hacker manages to access at least one of your accounts, then chances are that they can also breach just about any of the websites that you use every day. Unfortunately, memorizing a series of long and complicated passwords is not something that most of us are capable of doing. So how do we keep ourselves safe online? The answer may be in the use of password vaults.

The Nature of This Security Tool

Utilizing highly imaginative and strong passwords for each of your login credentials to online sites is incredibly important today, as it helps to reduce the chances of a person becoming the victim of a hacker. The more advanced and difficult to remember your password is, the more protected you are.

However, this is a problem for you, when you have so many different codes to remember. Password vaults can help by storing all of your different access credentials in a single highly-protected file. This file, or vault, will then only be able to be accessed when you enter a "Master Password".

Without the master password, all of the key information stored within a vault will remain encrypted and, therefore, impossible for any person to read. If you're wondering how to define the importance of a password vault, the best way to look at it is that they give you an opportunity to come up with infinitely difficult and impossible to guess passwords for all of your accounts. At the same time, you only have to memorize a single, albeit complicated password key. This is generally much safer than using the same easy password over and over again.

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