Friday, September 18, 2015

Should you be using a Credit Monitor?

Anyone can be a victim of identity theft, but there are certain things that may make people more likely targets and these people should be especially vigilant and use a credit monitor.

Senior Citizens

There are many reasons why seniors are often targeted:
  • They are more likely to own their home and to have money saved up.
  • They may not be as familiar with the internet and other technology, making them more susceptible to online scams.
  • Often, older generations were raised to be more polite than younger ones, making it more difficult for them to just say no when a scammer calls.
An automatic credit monitor can help protect senior citizens.  They may not realize that their personal information has been stolen, but if there are any new accounts or other suspicious changes to their credit report, they will be notified.

Those going through a divorce or other breakup.

You usually think of identity theft as being committed by a stranger, but people you know can be the perpetrators too.  You are especially at risk when going through a divorce or other breakup.  These people usually have easy access to the personal information stored in your home, they may know your passwords to access your electronic information, and they may even have information memorized.  They can be driven by the desperation of their change in situation, or they may have a desire for revenge or to hurt you.  An automatic credit monitor can help thwart their plans.  You may also want to take additional steps, such as changing all of your passwords and security questions.


Children are attractive targets to identity thieves because of their clean credit history.  Child ID theft can be especially devastating because it may not be discovered until the child is old enough to need to apply for financing.  By then, the theft could have been going on for years, making it very difficult to resolve.  Many automatic credit monitors offer family plans so you can ensure that your children are protected.

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