Saturday, April 4, 2015

Benefits to Single Sign On Solutions

In terms of identity theft protection services, many people are familiar with options like credit and identity monitors and password keepers or encryption services. One other method of protection that is available is just as useful and accurate as these types, but it is not quite as well known, and it is called a single sign on solution. This type of service is useful on both an individual and a corporate level - it just depends on what the specific needs are.

Single sign on can be used in many ways.  Whether you're looking  to protect a network of computers by allowing access by users to specific locations or just providing a home computer with some privacy when it comes to different programs and users, this service can be customized. Single sign on solutions are very effective on both an individual and corporate level, as they can be programmed to do what is necessary in very little time. By putting passwords on the account in order  to open up access to different areas within the computer or network, this service seems like a solid choice to meet he needs of many different types of situations.

These solutions save time - and money in some cases. By offering a way for people to enter in a single password and then gain access to many different areas and programs within a computer, people can save time when it comes to moving between different places. This type of service makes it possible to move from projects to programs to services without being slowed down by needing to fill out log-in information every time something changes; this allows for more efficiency while working, as well as an increased sense of access when using the computer. As far as saving money, these programs may result in fewer cases of lost passwords, resulting in fewer calls to IT companies to reset them.

Customization is absolutely possible with this service. Some users will only need simple protection - meaning that they can enter in a password and have access to everything... others will need a few different levels of access for different users, but single sign on can handle this, no problem. Ideal for parents who don't want their children to use specific programs on one computer or for businesses that have people accessing projects and services that need to be able to move between different access levels in order to get the work done, single sign on can be tweaked to meet the needs of its users.

Meant to protect information in a manner that is completely different from a credit or identity monitor, this type of program doesn't look over information, instead it simply tried to keep people from accessing things that they should not have access to. This ability to keep people from getting into "locked" areas has the potential to keep projects from leaking, keep people from accessing financial information, and keep children from seeing things that they do not need to see - programs, the Internet, etc.

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