Monday, March 30, 2015

Who Needs ID Theft Protection?

Say that you're someone that has just started out on their own - moved into a new place, started a new job, got married... all of these are life experiences that many people are familiar with, and can mean a great deal. These types of life changes and experiences all involve a person's information and finances, so they depend on the safety and security of that information in order to go as planned. In order for this type of situation to happen in a manner that you'd like, it may be a good idea to consider implementing some type of identity theft protection to give yourself a little peace of mind.

What is ID theft protection?
This type of protection helps people to keep an eye on their personal, private information in order to detect potential cases of identity theft. These types of protection are meant to help the people that use them by letting them take control over their lives again - and take their accounts back from those that are misusing them. These types of identity protection work a little differently depending on the one that you've chosen; a credit monitor tracks financial activity, while an identity monitor focuses on details like your name and Social Security number. These methods are not meant to stop people from stealing your identity or accessing your accounts, they simply act as a middleman and can alert you to certain changes within your accounts and under your name

If they don't stop thieves, then why should I use them?
The fact that these ID theft protection methods cannot lock thieves out of your accounts doesn't mean that they aren't useful. When you've just started out - say you're going to college for the first time - things can get hectic, and checking your bank account or public records may not be at the forefront of your mind at all times. Utilizing one of these services can take the hassle out of this type of activity. These services search the internet for evidence your SSN may be compromised and can alert you if someone is trying to take over one of your accounts; then notify you promptly when detected. While these services don't stop the thieves themselves, they give you the opportunity to put an end to potential thievery by whatever means necessary, like changing passwords, contacting banks, or closing compromised accounts.

ID theft protection usage has risen in popularity as more cases of identity theft have come to light. With more people using the Internet to do everyday activities like banking, paying bills, using social media and shopping, there is more information out there about people - making it more likely that it could become compromised or stolen in some manner. Many companies have created services to help people, and there is a great deal of information available to people that are considering using these services - is a great example of a site and company that are dedicated to helping people retain their independence and keep their identities safe and secure.

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